O nama

METRO wholesale stores are specialized supply stores with the stress on commercial customers from the hotel, restaurant and catering sector, retailers, kiosks and other retail outlets. The global business concept of METRO Cash & Carry is close cooperation with local suppliers and manufacturers. Most of the goods in wholesale stores, especially the range of food products, are meant for national manufacturers and suppliers. All high-quality products with an uninterrupted manufacturing and delivery chain can be found on the shelves of our wholesale stores. Owing to the wide range of products we offer, including more than 30,000 food and non-food articles, as well as to the customer-oriented selection of products, METRO Cash & Carry wholesale stores are the reference point of sale for business requirements with the most competitive prices.
METRO Cash & Carry Croatia is launching projects through which we are going to address narrow buyer segments. In order to be able to completely satisfy business needs of clients, METRO segmented them into four groups: caterers, traders, service-providing companies and companies and offices. In order to approach them even closer, each of this group is segmented in further subgroups.  So, for example, the caterers are divided into pizzerias and restaurants offering Italian cuisine, catering services, canteens, fast-food restaurants and so on.

In line with the new segmentation, the company has been developing marketing and business support programs intended for these specific subgroups, enabling us to develop more quality relationship with our buyers, two-way communication, better availability of information about their needs and more flexible client approach. The first in a number of projects, whose aim is to develop a successful business partnership with METRO clients and bring it to a higher level is the internet project www.finapapica.hr through which we address the caterers segment.